Hi… My name is Tim, and I’m a lazy gamer. I’ve amassed hundreds of games for dozens of consoles and, for the most part, they sit collecting dust. In some cases, it’s because I played them years ago and they ran their course. In other cases, I bought them on a whim and never really gave them a chance. In still other cases, I never really wanted them in the first place; I just got stuck with them in one way or another.

The reason I have so many unplayed games is basically three-fold. The first problem is that I have a short attention span for games. For some reason, I seem fairly content to get a new game, play it for a few hours, then never really go back to it. I can’t explain it, really. The second problem is that I have become something of a game cynic. About half my games are for platforms released after the original PlayStation, and yet, after years of enjoying modern games, I’ve decided I don’t really like them that much anymore. I think the game industry started losing its “innocence” around 1996, and in the time since, has become a very different beast. The third, and final, problem is a very typical tale for gamers gone astray. I’ve grown up. I graduated from college, got a job, bought a home, bought a new car, made new friends, and started doing more things that don’t involve holding a controller while I stare at a TV screen.

So that brings me to The Retro Review Project. By my count, I have 115 retro games, and I intend to re-play and review every one of them. Why? I’m not quite sure. Maybe I’m trying to recapture my youth as I get a little older. Maybe the simple fun of these old games has drawn me back in. Or maybe I just feel a little guilty about all the games I’ve spent money on, but not really played.

Whatever the reason for me writing it, I hope you find The Retro Review Project interesting, fun, and maybe even a little insightful.


My Collection/Backlog:

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