Latest Haul and Impressions: Firestriker (SNES)

August 13, 2012 by · 4 Comments 

I’ve said it several times before (including in my last review) — I’m a fan of bouncing ball games, for whatever reason.  Pong?  Breakout?  Arkanoid?  Sign me up!  So, when I caught wind of Firestriker on SNES, I knew I had to have it.  And as of last week, I do have it.  But this isn’t any old Breakout clone – it’s a Breakout clone with a twist.  It’s a really bizarre Breakout/Pinball/RPG hybrid, mixing elements of lots of different genres in a way that, as far as I know, has never been done before or since.  Check out the video below for an idea of how it works (thanks, SNESguide!)

Interestingly enough, I actually beat the game the day after I got it.  It’s not a long game, or an especially difficult one, but it’s definitely unique.  I enjoyed it, and I plan to play through it again.  The reason I’m only doing an Impressions post instead of a Review, though, is that there’s a neat two-player mode that I want to try before I make my final evaluation.  The 2-player mode is actually completely different than the main game, in that it’s a competitive mode.  It even has multi-tap support so four people can play!  Too bad I don’t have a multi-tap and three more people who would be interested to try it…

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4 Responses to “Latest Haul and Impressions: Firestriker (SNES)”
  1. Daniel says:

    Yes, I’ve always enjoyed Firestriker. The multi-player mode is always fun too. Get a multi-tap, some extra controllers and some more friends and try it out.

  2. Tim says:

    You know, I might just have to. Looking into it, I didn’t realize how many games used the SNES multi-tap. Some four player NBA Jam: TE sounds pretty cool!

  3. Daniel says:

    II totally agree with you. NBA Jam: TE with extra friends is the greatest! Play it today!

  4. VirtualAlex says:

    Wow this game looks fun! Thanks for letting me know about it! I am going to give this a try as soon as I get a second.

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