New “classic” games for 3DO, C64, Saturn, and more

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Nothing warms my heart quite like seeing old game consoles get new releases.  There’s just something uplifting about knowing there are other people out there that remember and are recapturing the same good times I had with my old games.  Plus, it’s just plain fun to finally see “what almost was” back in the day.

With all that said, I’m happy to say that has blown away the (admittedly small) 3DO community with the announcement that they’re not releasing just one, but four new games!  And not only that, but they’re releasing new Saturn content, a new Commodore 64 game, a new classic PC game, and a DVD of classic game commercials, too!  Here’s the list:

3DO: Icebreaker 2, Decathlon, Onside Soccer, Powerslide
Commodore 64: Silo 64
Saturn: Lost & Found 2
PC: Pathquest
DVD: Video Game Archives

They’re now accepting pre-orders and will officially release the games at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas on July 28-29.  Check out their announcement for more details.

It looks like Icebreaker 2 will really be the gem of the bunch.  It’s essentially a complete game that has sat, unpublished, for about 13 years!  The game’s creator gives a great demonstration of it in the video below:

Update: OlderGames has now posted trailers for Powerslide, Decathlon, and Onside Soccer.

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