RetroMacro (6/26/07)

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RetroMacro (6/26/07)Alright, I think last week’s RetroMacro has been up long enough, so it’s time for the answer and a new one.  For the solution to last week’s, I’ve updated the post so check it out!

As for the new one, it’s right off to your left.  I tried to make this one a little easier, but again, you can click it for a bigger version and a hint.  Think you figured it out?  Take a guess in the comments!

Update: Check after the break for the answer!



The full picture:

RetroMacro (6/27/07) - Solution

It’s an SNES dust cover!

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2 Responses to “RetroMacro (6/26/07)”
  1. Steve says:

    I think I might know this one…

    it’s a SNES dust cover ;)

  2. Tim says:

    You got it! A little too easy, maybe? I was originally going to post a picture that only showed part of the logo, but I decided I’d post something a little simpler instead. It makes up for the first one being a little too difficult, I guess. :)

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