RetroTube: Bound High video (Virtual Boy)

October 3, 2009 by · 11 Comments 

Now that I’m starting to do more with the site the last few weeks, I figured I’d start up some of the old features I used to post. So with that said, I have a new RetroTube for you. This isn’t exactly new or groundbreaking footage or anything like that, but I stumbled upon it for the first time a couple of days ago and thought it was really interesting — especially since I’ve been recently reacquainted with the Virtual Boy after repairing mine last week.

There are a couple of holy grails in the Virtual Boy “scene” (what little scene there may be). Right before the system was killed off, a second generation of games was nearing release that were supposed to take better advantage of the hardware and really make the system shine. The two most anticipated games were Dragon Hopper and Bound High. Both were nearly (if not totally) complete, but were never released. As such, Virtual Boy fans still crave the games to this day, but with only a few accounts of sightings at tradeshows and a handful of low-quality screenshots to whet their appetites. Well, it turns out that Bound High has actually made it into the hands of at least one member of the public, and he’s posted the only extended video footage of the game that I’ve ever seen:
And a second (shorter, lower quality) video with a sample of the game’s sounds:

Maybe Dragon Hopper will be next?

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  1. john says:

    As I posted on the “Space Squash” review, I got Bound High from Uncle Tusk as a playable cart. It is easily the best game for the Virtual Boy. Play occurs on a platform that varies from level to level, at some distance above the ground; 3D effects are excellent. Your outline-Chalvo-robot bounces and bounces, and stomps various enemies, all of which are moving. A level is “won” when all enemies are gone. Some platforms have many GAPS that Chalvo can fall through; most tiles disappear once you bounce on them (creating more gaps), some tiles have ANGLES that bounce Chalvo off in different directions, and some tiles have “prizes” that give Chalvo several different kinds of power. There is a tile that causes Chalvo to GENERATE tiles for a few seconds covering up gaps (a clock counts down) and make impossible levels playable. The “spikey-ball” opponent will stun Chalvo; it can be knocked off by hitting it with another opponent (serious strategy), by hitting ALONG SIDE on the same square (the square disappearing causes the spike-ball to fall), or by hitting it directly and knocking it off; but if you hit it directly, hope that a “wind” doesn’t come up while Chalvo is stunned! The spikey-ball is always moving trying to get away from Chalvo. There are also some tiles with “electric arcs” that will stun Chalvo for a few seconds.

    The simplest opponent is just a circle, but these reproduce out of some tiles that have a “port”. The simple opponent when stomped squirts out three dots that fly across the field and can knock off other opponents. More strategy. There is a LARGE opponent that is tough to knock off; but you can bounce on a “LAUNCH” tile and launch up to a high altitude, then slam down on the large opponent and it breaks up into four small ones. There is a large “explosive” opponent that, once hit, blows up and takes out much of the playing field; try to knock him off with other opponents, or hit him last.

    There are levels where Chalvo has to bounce on a WIRE, struggling not to fall off. There are bonus fields where you try to trigger a “slot machine” by knocking opponents into a “trigger hole”. There are “bosses” which are very difficult.

    A very challenging, very EXASPERATING game. And all in 3D!

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