RetroTube: Commodore 64 and Famicom montages

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A couple of cool retro-gaming-themed YouTube videos have been making the rounds this week, so I thought they’d make a good introduction to another regular mini-feature I had in mind.  YouTube is a veritable treasure trove of obscure video game minutiae, and I love almost every minute of it!  So, I plan to share some of my favorites in the future.  In the meantime, let’s get started with these two:

100 Commodore 64 games in 10 minutes

I found this video especially interesting, having never played a Commodore 64 before.  (I know, I know, some retro gamer I am, right?) In fact, I’m pretty tempted to get one now!  I recommend watching the video and then checking this link, where the fine folks at the DigitPress forums have managed to identify the majority of the games.

Every Famicom title screen, ever!

After you’ve exhausted yourself watching 100 Commodore 64 games, you can move on to every Famicom title screen.  Ever.  The coolest part is that I think they’re even in chronological order!  I think it’s interesting to see how the title screens generally started out with similar templates, but became more complex and more interesting to look at as time went on.  Oh, and notice the duplicates?  I’m thinking that’s because of games that got released on both cartridge and the disk system.  Ooh, and notice the “Namcot” logos?  Too cool… Man, I love this stuff.

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