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Alright, I haven’t posted a RetroTube in a while, and I’ve been sitting on this one for some time now.  For the longest time, I had these vague memories of a game show where two kids face off in video game competition and the winner gets to run through a room full of games where they get to grab anything they want and stick it to their velcro suits and helmets.  I wanted so badly to run around and pick up all those free NES games like those kids got to do.

But what was it called!?  The years had worn away my memories of the show, but finally, with the help of a friend, I managed to remember its name: Video Power!  Man, I loved that show…  Of course, the venerable YouTube has a clip!  I figured I’d share and maybe stir up a little nostalgia for the rest of you.  Doesn’t this show look like fun?  I feel a little bad for the kid that won the Neo-Geo, though.  I bet nobody told him that he’d never be able to afford a single game for it!

(Note: Be sure to turn your volume all the way up if you want to hear it, this clip is really quiet.)

Enjoy this few minutes of hokey nostalgic game show fun.  I have something even better in store for next time…

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