Latest Haul: Instant Atari Lynx Collection

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For the first time ever, I now own a non-Nintendo handheld system.  I’ve owned a Game Boy, a Game Boy Pocket, a Game Boy Color, a Game Boy Advance, a Game Boy Advance SP, a DS and a 3DS.  But somehow, I’ve never owned any of the competitors.  I think that’s probably a testament to how dominant Nintendo has been in this space.  But nonetheless, I’ve broken the streak and added to my collection.

If you follow me on Backloggery (and you all follow me on Backloggery, right??) you would have seen several new Lynx games added to my library.  I’d been thinking about buying the system for a couple of years, but finally just said “what am I waiting for?” and bought an insta-collection from The GOAT Store.  They sell pristine (but used) Lynxes, along with seven brand-new, sealed games for $50.  (Or, at least, they did.  The packages are gone from the site now, so maybe I got one of the last ones!)  I couldn’t stop there, though.  I added a carrying case, an AC adaptor (the Lynx has notoriously awful battery life), a ComLynx cable (for all those times I’ve randomly met people and thought “gosh, I wish I had a Lynx with ComLynx so we could play two-player”), Paperboy, and Robo-Squash.  All in all, I ended up with the system, nine brand new games, and a few accessories for about $100.  Not half bad.  There are several more games I plan to add to the collection, too.  There seem to be plenty of brand new games available on eBay for reasonable prices.

So far, I’ve only played Robo-Squash and Super Skweek.  I’m impressed with the system, considering it came out the same year as the Game Boy, and I’m looking forward to exploring its library.

Here’s a breakdown of all I got:

  • Lynx II system (used, but I can’t even tell)
  • AC Adaptor
  • Carrying case
  • ComLynx link-up cable
  • Crystal Mines II
  • Kung Food
  • Paperboy
  • Qix
  • Robo-Squash
  • Steel Talons
  • Super Skweek
  • Tournament Cyberball
  • Xybots

Sigh… More stuff to add to the backlog.

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