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Young Bobby EngelsPart of the reason I like old video games is the nostalgia factor.  These games remind me of my childhood and bring about many of the same feelings I experienced back then.  It’s probably for the same reason that I enjoy old commercials from that time, as well.  So, let’s take a moment and combine the two, shall we?

I recently posted one of the worst game commercials I’ve ever seen, but let’s take things in a slightly different direction this time.  How about some of those old commercials we remember so fondly?  For people my age, the classic commercial battle was the one that was waged in the 16-bit era between Sega and Nintendo.  Sega, especially, was known for their ad campaign, including a number of “inflammatory” commercials that attempt to trash the competition (i.e. Nintendo).

First up, let’s kick things off with the simple story of young Bobby Engles and how the Genesis “Fighting System” with Streets of Rage 2 earned him some respect at school, all while saving him $40!

But don’t forget that classic catchphrase: “Genesis Does…”

“…What Nintendon’t!”

And let’s not forget when Sega tried to use “Blast Processing” to pass the Genesis off as more powerful than the Super Nintendo…

Or when they tried to use the Sega CD and 32X as trump cards because the SNES didn’t have expensive, unused add-ons like the Genesis!

Well, Nintendo has something to say to that…

Tons more after the break!  Enjoy…

Sega CD

Sega Channel

Sonic the Hedgehog/President of HAG

Sonic 2

Sonic 2 Free

Sonic 2 Free (slices and dices)

Sonic 3

Sonic & Knuckles


Sports Pack

Game Genie

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One Response to “RetroTube: Classic Genesis Commercials”
  1. Steve says:

    LOL jeez at that first commercial. Yeah these commercials take me back as well. The Genesis does (what Nintendon’t) jingle is catchy in a cheesy sort of way. Ah, the 16-bit war

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