RetroMacro (7/18/07)

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RetroMacro (7/18/07)I’m heading out tomorrow for a long weekend of camping and celebrating my birthday (25 on the 20th… Can I start complaining about feeling old yet?), so while I’m out enjoying nature, I’ll leave you with a new RetroMacro to ponder.

If you’re not the observant type, this is a power button. (Duh.) But the power button to what system?  That’s the question!  Click the picture for a bigger version and a little bit of a hint!  As always, feel free to leave a comment if you think you got it.

Now it’s time for me to go pretend to be the outdoorsy type…

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6 Responses to “RetroMacro (7/18/07)”
  1. Steve says:

    Happy 25th man! Naw, we’re not getting old, but we certainly aren’t babies or ‘kids’ no mo’ … that’s fer damn sure. I’ll turn 24 myself on the 27th. Enjoy your trip

  2. Blades says:

    I got it!!

    The Neo Geo CDZ!

    I ROCK!

  3. Blades says:

    I Already posted on the picture (as a comment) by mistake.

    Anyway, It’s the Neo Geo CDZ.

  4. Blades says:

    And Happy Birthday Man! I’m 23 myself, so Don’t worry, I’m pretty close to being old too =D.

  5. Blades says:

    I kid, of course

  6. Tim says:

    Yep, it’s the CDZ! I thought the CDZ might be obscure enough to be tougher than that, but I guess I was wrong… And your original comment was just so enthusiastic that I had to move it here for all to enjoy.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! I had a nice trip — hiking, swimming, canoeing, cooking meat over an open flame… It was great!

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