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Tim’s RecommendationWell, it’s been a week since I bought a domain for this site and officially launched it. Traffic has been slow, but that will come in time. (If anyone wants to exchange links, leave a comment and let me know.) More importantly, I feel like the pieces are falling into place, and that I’m building the foundation for a nice site that I’ll enjoy working on for a long time to come. I’ve managed to post a couple reviews and kicked off a few recurring features I had in mind, but I have lots more ideas, so rest assured there’s even more to come!

Beyond the regular posts you see, I tend to do a lot of smaller updates that you might not notice. On occasion, I plan to make a sort of “meta-post” to talk about the site itself, where I’ll bring attention to small details I’ve changed or just talk about general ideas and trends. The name, “sitegeist,” is a play on the German word “zeitgeist,” which literally translates to “time spirit,” or “spirit of the times.” “Sitegeist,” then, is “spirit of the site.”

So let’s get down to business… Firstly, I’ve decided to award outstanding games with a “Retro Star Award” when I review them. Since I don’t give numeric grades to the games I review, this is a quick way to pick out my favorites if you don’t have time to read everything. You’ll see a small star icon next to titles on the Reviews page, and the larger icon next to the “Final Thoughts” section of a review.

And secondly, I’ve updated both the Bonk’s Adventure and Marble Madness reviews. When I post an article, it’s not necessarily complete. I may tweak it for several days (or weeks) before I feel it’s just what I want. So, you’ll find some edits on both. Additionally, I’m still working out the template I’ll use for each review. The big change is that I’ve added a YouTube video to the very end. I plan on personally picking a YouTube clip of each game I review and embedding it. I’m still debating this feature, though. Does it make the page look too busy?

Anyway, that’s all for now. Look out for my next review later this weekend!

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3 Responses to “Sitegeist (6/23/07)”
  1. Steve says:

    I love the word “zeitgeist.” I never heard or read the word until one issue of Sega Saturn Magazine. Anyway, don’t worry about site traffic that will come in time. In my latest site update I’ve included your link in my LINKS portion of my site. I think RRP is well on its way. A quick note on Sonic R… gorgeous graphics. The effects are showcase-worthy. I never got into it like I hope I would, though. And as for the youtube link embedded in the review, I think it works fine

  2. Steve says:

    Oh, I just saw your guestbook comment, yeah I’ve never played Dark Savior before. Even though I’ve owned it since late 03 or early 04 =p

    Thank you for your comment on my style being unique. I like to think it is, too, lol. Seriously, the beauty of webmasters are while we may cover similar things, our vision is slightly different person to person. For example I add a lot of humor to my reviews, with text-embedded pictures and what have you. This style really doesn’t exist currently outside of my site. If it does, I’d like to see it. It wouldn’t shock me if this catches on.

    Take care

  3. Tim says:

    Thanks for the link! The gesture is returned… Keep up the good work — it’s fun to read the thoughts of true enthusiasts.

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