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BubLet’s see, what have I changed since the last Sitegeist post… I’ve added a new link to my Recommended Links: RVGFANATIC.  The owner, Steve, provides a unique look at a lot of SNES games — especially obscure Super Famicom games.  If you want to explore the world of unusual Japanese SNES games, this is the place to go.

I’ve recalculated my “reviews completed” ratio off to the right.  The number is now based on the number of reviews I plan to write rather than the number of physical games I own (I decided to review some collection carts as separate games).  122?  Man, I have a long way to go… And I know for sure that list is going to get longer!

I decided to tag on a “Currently Playing” field to Sitegeist posts.  Just for fun, really!

I’m still tweaking the structure of this site to work just the way I want.  In the past, I coded all my sites by hand, so they always did exactly what I wanted at pretty much every moment.  Now that I’m using a full content management system, (WordPress) I’m finding that I have to wrangle things a bit to get them working just right.  Deployment of the site sure was fast, though!

Now the technicalities: I discovered that you can link thumbnail images to a “friendly” HTML page instead of just directly to the file.  Since this is what I always wanted in the first place, I’ve gone back and edited all my image links to do so.  So now, when you click screenshots or other images, you’ll get a nicer looking page with titles and commentary to go along with the images.  From there, you can click the image to view them full size.

I’ve also made some behind-the-scenes changes to how YouTube links get embedded.  You shouldn’t see any major difference, except that IE6 now scrolls much more smoothly, and I’m also less likely to break a video by editing the page.

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