Latest Haul: R.C. Pro-Am, Nightshade, Landstalker

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Latest Haul: R.C. Pro-Am, Nightshade, and LandstalkerI said it in The Snatcher Mission, and I’ll say it again. Even though I’ve given myself the task of reviewing each and every one of my old games, I’m going to buy more — I can’t help it! Do I have a problem, or do I have a hobby? I think of it as a hobby, since so much of the fun comes from learning about an old game I may have never heard of in its heyday. It’s enjoyable, satisfying, and now that I’m running this site, it’s also somewhat productive!

And so, with three games now covered in The Retro Review Project, I’ve added three more to the queue. (D’oh.) Here’s my latest haul:

  • R.C. Pro-Am (NES): Add this to the list of “NES games I should have owned a long time ago.”  I played this game with friends a lot and have very fond memories of it.  I need to flesh out my NES collection, and this is a step in the right direction.  $6.99, cart-only.
  • Nightshade (NES): GameSetWatch had an absolutely wonderful write-up of this game yesterday, and after reading through it, I really wanted to try it out.  It’s from the same people that made the excellent Shadowrun for the SNES, so it’s part of a good lineage.  I decided I didn’t want to mess with the hassle of eBay, though.  So imagine my surprise when I saw it today at a brick and mortar!  I couldn’t pass it up.  $2.99, cart-only.
  • Landstalker (Genesis): The thing I love about the game store I shop at is that they have a whole bin of Genesis games at two bucks a pop.  It’s mostly a bunch of outdated sports games, but each time I go in, there are one or two gems in the pile.  This time, it was Landstalker.  I’m a big fan of its spiritual sequel for the Saturn, Dark Savior, so I’ve been meaning to play this one for some time.  Now’s my chance! $1.99, cart-only.

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