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RetroMacro - June 18, 2007I’m going to try out a little feature I’m calling the RetroMacro.  Consider it a quiz — a test of whether you’re a truly hardcore retro gamer!  The way it works is simple.  I post a picture and you figure out what it is.  The catch is that they’re super close-up macro shots, showing familiar objects in not-so-familiar ways.  Think you’ve got what it takes?  Have a look at the picture to the left and give it your best shot.  (Feel free to post a comment, if you think you got it!)  The answer, and the next picture, will be posted in the near future…

Update: Click the picture for a hint!

Update 2: Check after the break and scroll down for the solution…



The full picture:

RetroMacro (6/18/07) Solution

It’s a Game Boy cartridge!

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2 Responses to “RetroMacro (6/18/07)”
  1. Steve says:

    Hey Tim. I just discovered your site and it looks very promising. Although I don’t agree with your philosphy on scores (I’m a traditional 1-10 guy myself) I do agree with your take that too many review(er)s are cut and dry with a lack of a “voice” or personality. Although my reviews are long enough to be novels, I try my best to give each of my reviews a refreshing feel, something different from 100s of reviews you’d find elsewhere.

    Anyway, keep it up, site looks very promising. I’ll add it to my LINKS section.

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the good words! And don’t worry, there’s plenty of room on the internet for different review styles. I just need to work on developing my voice in short posts.

    It’s always good to see more Saturn fans, too. I plan on giving it a lot of coverage!

    (Hmm… Hint on the RetroMacro: Think older than the Saturn, but newer than the NES… Okay, maybe that wasn’t much help!)

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